Characteristics Of The Right Swimming Pool Cover


If you're a new pool owner, you may only have fun in mind, along with cleaning details. However, buying a pool cover is necessary if you want to keep kids and pets safe. A pool cover will also help to keep leaves and other flying outdoor debris out of your pool if you're not going to use it for a while. Shopping for such an accessory can be a little confusing, because you want the right one. This checklist helps you understand what characteristics to look for in a pool cover.

The Cover Is Strong

A strong cover is important, because should a small child or pet somehow get on the cover, it won't sag or rip. Look for a cover made of strong vinyl that's as heavy as a tarp.

The Cover Complies With Legal Requirements

Each state has their own requirements for the type of cover you should get. Some states require that the covers be made of a specific material. Your state may also require that the cover be on the pool during certain times, such as anytime the pool is not being used. Check with your pool professional to find out what your state specific regulations are.

The Cover Comes With a Warranty

Most items you purchase come with a warranty, but with a pool cover, it is especially important to get one. Many come with an extended warranty that you can purchase that goes beyond the manufacturer's warranty.

You should be covered for anything that might go wrong with the cover, as long as you store it out of the sun, wind and rain while not in use. Keep in mind that normal wear and tear is not normally covered under any product's warranty, and won't likely be on a pool cover either.

The Cover Comes With Anchoring Tools

Look for a cover that comes with anchoring tools that are specifically made for the cover. Purchasing these tools after you buy the cover can create a situation where you have to cut into the cover to insert the anchors. If this happens, you may find that the cover begins to rip.

Another reason to purchase a pool cover with anchoring tools is that if you have to retrofit the anchors, you could end up voiding your warranty.

Keeping your pool covered when not in use helps you keep the water clean, and you'll be within the law as well. Ask a pool professional like Imperial Paddock Pools Ltd for the best pool cover they have that fits your budget.


2 April 2015

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