Pool Owners: Drowning Is the Leading Cause of Accidental Death for Children Between 1–4


According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1–4 is drowning. If you have a pool in your backyard or are planning to have one install, it is crucial that you take as many safety precautions as possible. Fortunately, there are fences and safety devices that can be purchased and installed to safeguard children from your pool. Here's what they are along with several other things you should do as a pool owner. 

Install an enclosure with a lockable gate 

The most obvious way to keep children out of the pool when there isn't an adult to supervise them is to surround the pool with an enclosure that has a lockable gate, and doing so is actually a building code requirement in most areas. However, the type of enclosure, gate, and lock has a lot to do with the integrity of this safety feature. As most parents and caretakers of young children know, children ages 1–4 can be escape artists from their cribs. The Little Houdini in them will work hard to figure out how to traverse a fence as easily as they can the railings of their crib.

For this reason, chain link fencing is not a suitable type of fencing to enclose a pool as each opening can be used as a step. A wood fence with horizontal slats may seem ideal, but they are very difficult to see through, which can be dangerous if you need to look quickly into the pool area. Preferably, the best type of enclosure for a pool is one that is made of glass. The glass used in this type of enclosure or fencing is designed to withstand forceful impacts, which a toddler wouldn't be able to achieve. 

Use safety devices in and around the pool 

Whether you have small children or there are small children in your neighborhood who may wander into your pool unattended, it's important to go a few steps further and also install safety devices in and around your pool. Here are several to consider: 

  • Gate alarm. Install an alarm on the lock of the gate. This device will sound an alarm each time the gate is opened, regardless of who opens it. 
  • Drain cover. Install a cover over the drain so children cannot get suctioned by the drain and trapped at the bottom of the pool. This is an important device to have for times when the pool is crowded and it's difficult to keep your eyes on everyone in the pool. 
  • Motion detector. Insert a motion detector into the pool when the pool is not in use. These detectors are designed with audible alarms that are strong enough to be heard indoors. There are also pool motion detectors available that can be connected to your home's electrical system to pulse the lighting system as an alert. 

Schedule swimming lessons and CPR classes

One of the best ways to prevent drowning is to teach young children how to swim. Sign your children up for swimming classes before they can walk. If you are concerned about neighborhood children, schedule a swimming lesson instructor to provide free introductory swimming lesson and water safety class to the children in your neighborhood, which can be done in your swimming pool or in a club or public pool in the community. 

Take CPR and first aid classes so you'll be able to help someone, just in case. Contact your local Red Cross office to find locations and dates of classes that are available to your community. Alternatively, take a lifeguard course, which includes water safety in addition to CPR and first aid. 


1 May 2017

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