How to Know If Your Swimming Pool Needs Some Repairs


Owning a swimming pool can mean that you are going to have a lot of fun both by yourself and with friends and family. However, with all of that fun comes a lot of responsibility. To ensure that you are not going to find yourself in the middle of summer without a pool because you did not notice the need for pool repairs quick enough, you will want to watch out for the following problems.

You Have to Keep Adding More Water

It is natural for your pool to have some water evaporate out of it over time. For normal evaporation, you might find that you need to add a little bit of extra water once or twice during the warm swimming season. Of course, if you have a lot of people in the pool that like to splash out a lot of water, you might need to add additional water more often.

However, if you find that you are needing to add more water every week, you most likely have a problem with a leak. You will want to contact a pool contractor, so he/she can determine if the leak is along the liner of the pool, or if it is somewhere else, such as in the hoses or within the pool pump. Not only do you want this problem fixed quickly so you can save money on your water bill, but you do not want to find that the leak has suddenly become a lot larger and your yard has become a flood zone.

You Feel Cracks in the Pool Liner

Whether you can feel a rough patch or a crack along the walls or bottom of your pool, you need to have this issue addressed by a skilled pool contractor as soon as possible. These small rough spots or cracks can be allowing some water out of the pool, and it is only a matter of time before the bad spots get a lot bigger. Talk with a skilled pool contractor as soon as possible about replacing your pool liner. After all, the more you use the pool with the bad liner in place, the more likely it is that someone is going to rub against the bad spots with their hands or feet, making them uncomfortable, and worsening the liner.

Always make sure that you are dealing with a pool contractor that is well established in your area, so he/she will likely be around for your future pool repair needs. To learn more, talk to companies like Grace's Pool & Spa.


10 August 2017

Talking About Pool Seal Replacement

Hi there, I am Carrie Burke. The pool at my old house always seemed to spring a leak in the winter. I had a pool repair professional identify the cause of the constant leaks after living in that home for several years. The contractor let me know that the seals around the pump housing were slowly going bad. Replacing one seal at a time was just prolonging the maintenance process and causing damage to the electrical components inside the housing. I elected to have all of the seals replaced at the same time to prevent future leaks. I will use this site to detail the seal replacement process for you all. I hope that you can use the information I provide to keep your pool in perfect condition. Thank you for visiting my site.