Four Great Pool Features For Kids


If you have kids and are thinking of having a pool added to your backyard, then it makes sense to design the pool with your kids' needs in mind. Custom pool makers can do so much these days, especially if you opt for a gunite pool, which is shaped on-site. Here are four great pool features that will ensure your kids enjoy the pool to the fullest.


Instead of designing the pool so that you have to enter it with a ladder, build stairs into one side. This will make it easier for timid kids to work their way into the water; they do not have to be fully immersed all of the sudden. Little kids can also play on the stairs (with floaties or a life preserver, of course), enabling them to use the pool even if they're not ready to "go into the deep end."

A Slide

A slide will provide endless hours of entertainment for older kids; they love splashing into the water at a high speed. Make sure the slide ends in the deep end of the pool. In most cases, your pool contractor will recommend that a pool is at least 6 feet deep in order to have a slide. A flat slide, rather than one that twists and turns, tends to be safer for kids if your pool is on the shallow side.

Resting Pads

Resting pads are like raised platforms in the middle of the pool. Your child can climb on them, hold onto them, or set their drinks on them as they play in the pool. A single resting pad may be ideal in a smaller pool, but if you have a bigger pool, you may want to install as many resting pads as you have kids. This way, they can each sit on a pad and toss a ball back and forth!

Wave Jets

Kids love to play in front of pool jets, so why not maximize on this? Wave jets are more powerful pool jets that eject more water at a faster velocity than do regular pool jets. Some shoot the water above the surface of the water for a fun waterfall effect. Your kids will enjoy playing in front of them, using them to push away toys like pool noodles, and so forth.

With the cool, custom swimming pool elements above, you kids will enjoy their pool all summer long.


30 October 2017

Talking About Pool Seal Replacement

Hi there, I am Carrie Burke. The pool at my old house always seemed to spring a leak in the winter. I had a pool repair professional identify the cause of the constant leaks after living in that home for several years. The contractor let me know that the seals around the pump housing were slowly going bad. Replacing one seal at a time was just prolonging the maintenance process and causing damage to the electrical components inside the housing. I elected to have all of the seals replaced at the same time to prevent future leaks. I will use this site to detail the seal replacement process for you all. I hope that you can use the information I provide to keep your pool in perfect condition. Thank you for visiting my site.