Is A Natural Pool Right For You?


Are you thinking of putting in a pool? That could be a wise decision. A pool can provide a natural gathering point for your family and friends and provide countless hours of entertainment during the warmer months. However, you may not be thrilled about losing much of your yard to your new pool. You also may be worried about the upkeep. Swimming pools require regular maintenance and can be costly over time if you hire outside pool specialists to handle your chemicals and repairs.

You may want to consider a natural pool instead. This is a pool that looks like a lake or pond, but actually has clean, filtered water that is suitable for swimming. Your pool contractor builds a separate nearby pond that filters water through rocks and gravel as it flows in and out of the natural pool. A natural pool isn't for everyone, but it could be the right choice in many situations. Below are a few reasons why a natural pool could be right for you.

Aesthetics. One of the biggest reasons why people choose natural pools is that they blend in well with the surrounding aesthetics. They look like a natural element in your yard, rather than an artificial addition. You can line the pool's edges with boulders, waterfalls, or other elements. You can also line the bottom of the pool with gravel or even smooth concrete. Your natural pool may look like a spring or pond with clean water rather than a rectangular swimming pool. You may find that aesthetic more appealing.

Maintenance. Water flows out of your natural swimming pool and into a nearby regeneration zone, which is another body of water in close proximity. There the water is filtered through rocks and plants, much like the way water is filtered in a moving stream. The water flows back into the natural pool free of dirt and pollutants. This process eliminates the need for maintenance and chemicals. There's no need to close the pool in the fall or open it in the spring. You simply stop swimming when it gets cold and start back up when the temperature rises. The lack of maintenance could save you time and money.

Environment. Are you environmentally-conscious? If so, then you may find a natural pool even more appealing. There's no risk of chemicals like chlorine or other elements leaking into the surrounding grass or plants. Your pool is chemical-free, so it won't hurt the environment.

Ready to explore the idea of a natural pool? Contact a pool company like Pacific AquaScapes today. They can show you designs and help you determine if a natural pool is right for you.


29 August 2018

Talking About Pool Seal Replacement

Hi there, I am Carrie Burke. The pool at my old house always seemed to spring a leak in the winter. I had a pool repair professional identify the cause of the constant leaks after living in that home for several years. The contractor let me know that the seals around the pump housing were slowly going bad. Replacing one seal at a time was just prolonging the maintenance process and causing damage to the electrical components inside the housing. I elected to have all of the seals replaced at the same time to prevent future leaks. I will use this site to detail the seal replacement process for you all. I hope that you can use the information I provide to keep your pool in perfect condition. Thank you for visiting my site.