Why Tile Your Inground Swimming Pool


Are you planning to design a custom inground swimming pool for your backyard? If so, one of the features you must consider is what to do with the interior walls of the pool. You have complete control over how the finish of the pool will look, with there being several options that you can pick. Instead of using plaster walls for the interior, you may want to consider the following reasons to use tile instead.

Tile Lasts A Long Time

The nice thing about using tile for the interior walls of a pool is that it will last a long time before the material should be completely replaced. Small damage in a tile wall is typically not a big deal since individual tiles can be repaired or replaced over the years as damage happens.

Meanwhile, a plaster wall will require much more work when it experiences cracking and cosmetic damage. It's considered a material that is not very durable, lasting between 5 and 10 years before replacement is necessary. That is nowhere near the 75 years that you can get out of a tile finish.

Tile Won't Collect Algae

One of the problems with a plaster surface is that the rough textures tend to allow algae growth to easily form on the surface. It can make your pool look dirty and require a more detailed cleaning since there are pits in the surface that are not easy to clean.

Tile will have a very smooth finish to the surface which makes it harder for algae to form on it. When algae does form, it is easier to clean by wiping it away due to the smooth texture. You'll find that tile provides a better-looking finish with less maintenance over the years.

Tile Offers A Variety Of Options

Do you want your swimming pool to have a more premium look? Know that your options for tile are virtually limitless since tile comes in many different sizes, colors, and patterns. You can choose a design that uses small tiles in various colors to create a mosaic pattern or large tiles that have a simple color. The choice is yours when it comes to how you want your pool to look, with very few limitations due to the material itself.

Do you think you're ready to use tile for your pool's interior walls? Reach out to your inground pool contractor for more information.


26 July 2019

Talking About Pool Seal Replacement

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