How To Find A Leak In Your Swimming Pool


Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the water level inside your pool dropping over time. While some water is lost to evaporation, a quick drop in water means that there is a leak somewhere in the pool that needs to be found and repaired. These tips can help you find that leak.

DIY Leak Detection

There are two methods that every pool owner has access to and can use on their own to find a leak.

Dye Method

You likely have an idea where the leak is located, due to having water levels that have stopped decreasing. One easy method to find the leak is by using dye. All you have to do is put the dye in the water where you think that the leak is located. If your suspicions are correct, the dye should be sucked out of the pool and into the place where the leak has formed. This can take a lot of trial and error, and you'll want to make sure that there is not more than one leak in the pool by continuing to test after you found it. 

Measure Method

Sometimes you are not positive that the water is leaking out of your pool. The best way to confirm that the water is leaking out is with a bucket of water with a ruler attached to it. Place a bucket of water on a step of the pool so that the top is exposed to air. Let the bucket sit for at least a day before coming back and looking at the measurements. If the water loss is due to evaporation, the water levels in the bucket and the pool should have dropped by the same amount. If there is a leak, the pool's water level will drop more than the bucket's water level.

Professional Leak Detection

If you can't figure out where the leak is, it will be worth hiring a professional to detect the leak for you. They have a few advanced methods that use equipment that you simply do not have access to. For example, they can use a special tool called a hydrophone, which allows them to hear underwater to determine where water is leaking out of the pool. It has an incredibly sensitive microphone that can help determine where the smallest leaks are located in your pool.

Reach out to a swimming pool leak detection professional in your area if you need help finding the leak in your pool.


7 January 2020

Talking About Pool Seal Replacement

Hi there, I am Carrie Burke. The pool at my old house always seemed to spring a leak in the winter. I had a pool repair professional identify the cause of the constant leaks after living in that home for several years. The contractor let me know that the seals around the pump housing were slowly going bad. Replacing one seal at a time was just prolonging the maintenance process and causing damage to the electrical components inside the housing. I elected to have all of the seals replaced at the same time to prevent future leaks. I will use this site to detail the seal replacement process for you all. I hope that you can use the information I provide to keep your pool in perfect condition. Thank you for visiting my site.